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I have been training with mature adults and seniors for several years now and with the few exceptions every one of them has shown vast improvement from where they started.  It doesn’t matter where your starting point is, that’s where we will start. Everything from losing weight and strength gains to better balance. 

Although I enjoy training with all age groups, the 40 year old plus group is where find the most satisfaction.  Somehow, the mature adult seems to have forgotten the importance of “diet & exercise”.  As you watch TV commercials for drugs, the one common factor for most of them state that either “along with diet and exercise” and “if diet and exercise alone doesn’t work”.  What they are telling us, but most don’t listen is that diet & exercise is the main defense against most chronic illnesses.  Please don’t say “but what if”  There is always going to be an exception to everything, but for the masses, diet & exercise will work.  For the “but what if” people, regardless of your situation, diet & exercise will improve just about every chronic condition you might have. 

"Exercise is the most selfish thing you can do but benefits everyone around you!"rpe

"There’s no one better to look after your own best interest than you."
Accepting that as we age, our bodies are not as strong, firm or flexible as they once were, is as important as understanding that our bodies can still be stronger, firmer and more flexible than the way we've allow them to be right now.

We still have the same muscle foundation, the same amount of fat cells and, aside of injuries or poor workout habits, the same joints that continue to function and move in the same manner as they always have. This is how it was designed: to provide us a vehicle to get around. Just as the need to maintain the other tools in our life, the body is a perfectly designed tool to provide us a healthy and fruitful life that still needs to be maintained. 

 Life Designed Fitness



Life Designed Fitness is about showing you the proper ways to exercise and proving to you that you are capable of a lot more than you think you are. YOU CAN get your body back, feeling physically capable and feeling good, regardless of age.
Feeling good changes everything! It changes the way you interact with people, the way you approach adversity and it changes the way you view yourself.  Outside of heredity illnesses, most of our issues are brought on by life’s design, our diets, our previous workout routines and the most vicious lie “this is just part of life”.

It’s no secret that proper diet & exercise is the key. For the most part, diet can be learned through books and literature, but proper exercise is a little more intricate.  Learning to do exercises properly, using the correct techniques and understanding how your muscles work with each other will help ensure fewer injuries and rebuild a foundation for years to come. Look back at the last 20, 30 or even 40 years and see how much you’ve lived. Looking forward, doesn’t 20, 30 or 40 years seem like a long time if your body and health are not up for it?

Two out of three's not bad?
There must be a balance of mind, body and spirit in order to be everything you were meant to be.  It seems that we can get by for a while with two out of three or, for some, one out of three.  But when we reach the mid-point of our life something happens to the body.  Old injuries you’ve forgotten about start reasserting themselves. New injuries seem to appear out of nowhere and that energy level just isn’t what it used to be.  This again is “life's design".

“Life Designed Fitness” was formed to help ensure you understand that it's you who decides how much control you’ll give to "life's design" and make this "yourdesign".  Your body is miraculous in design & function and meant to last for a long time. It's we who sabotage ourselves by the lifestyle choices we make that disregard possible consequences. Knowing this, we understand that by exercise and making better nutritious decisions our bodies will rejuvenate and, in time, return to better serve us. Numerous studies, (many that your tax dollars paid for), prove that our bodies will respond to positive changes and work to recover. All these things are available to you by making the decision to exercise and eat better. "Life Designed Fitness" will teach you how. It's up to you. Make the decision and see how things can change. But remember one thing, by not making that decision to make a positive change you have made a decision.