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Please keep in mind, everyone needs to learn how to correctly exercise to avoid wasted time in the gym or the expense of an untimely injury.

Why a Personal Trainer?

  • Not sure how to get started.
  • Everyone needs to learn how to properly exercise, it doesn't come naturally.
  • Learn to exercise with confidence!
  • You've never been in shape but you would like to be.
  • Reverse the course you're on.
  • Nutritional guidance.
  • Finding that confidence you use to have in yourself.
  • If you think as long as you walk every day, "that's good enough"
  • Sometimes you just need a kick start in the right direction.

              Don't give up on your body; it hasn't given up on you!

Everybody has to start somewhere, and that's where we'll start!

What to expect...

  • Expect me to care about your goals as much as you do. 
  • Expect an exercise program based on your fitness level, goals and health status.
  • Expect an understanding of your physical challenges and how we can work through and around them.
  • Expect an honest assessment and realistic timeframe for you to achieve your goals.
  • A better understanding of the importance of your diet.
  • Learn the proper form of an exercise and the importance of it.

It's all about you!

I’m sure the fitness plan for your life didn’t include being 20+ pounds overweight, having a chronic illness such as type 2     diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis or even fibromyalgia.  You didn’t plan to have chronic knee, back or shoulder pain.  And you most certainly didn’t plan on your energy level failing you now that you seem to have time to enjoy the things you love.  Unfortunately, left on its own, this is just life, left on its own.  Don’t let yourself be fooled, you have a choice. Understand that time is not our friend. By not finding the time now or, better yet, taking the time to properly learn how to build and maintain your body, this will only continue to get harder. But to quote an old cliché, “it’s never too late!”

Mind, Body & Spirit  Each plays an extremely important role. The mind allows us to gain knowledge in order to imagine and understand new opportunities.  The body allows us to physically accomplish them, and the Spirit instills in us the drive & desire to pursue.  There has never been or will there ever be another you on this earth. That’s how uniquely special you are! But don't be fooled, as you age your body is no longer your friend. It's a separate entity. Something you have to take control of. If left to it's own design, it will always take the easy way out, always trying to convince you that you've been good and that a piece of pie or bagel or chicken fried steak is your reward. Your reward of diet & exercise will be feeling better and stronger than you have in years.